Thank you all for adding your comments to the survey, and we want you to know that we have heard you!

After 8 years and 5 conferences we are making some major improvements for our 6th conference!

First and foremost we have moved the conference to Smithfield, Virginia. This is an exciting change of scenery that will give our group additional activities and allow us to include the Monday and Tuesday evening dinners to all attendees!

This change will enable us to maintain our core mission and enhance the culture of our conference. Our core mission is to bring high qualify geotechnical speakers on subjects directly related to Lessons Learned in Geotechnical Engineering.

This year our key note speaker will be the legendary Dr. John Schmertmann.

Dinners on Monday evening (pig on a spit and oysters) and Tuesday evening (“Triple Crown” – crab cake, beef and chicken) will be provided to all attendees.  After these dinners, the attendees will go to the hospitality areas at Smithfield Station (marina environment) for desserts and drinks.  We will keep the format of having several choices on Monday for integrate ourselves: golf outing, boating trips and even kayaking!.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

-Your GeoVirginia Committee